Friday, April 9, 2010

This Is Photobomb!

TIP - oh hai
Funny Site of the Day -- "Photojackers of the world unite!" That's their cry. Here's their mission statement: Ruin those snapshots!

Intentionally sabotaged photographs and those accidentally disrupted are the core of this funny pictures bonanza, which also includes an occasional video. User-submitted material runs the gamut from sweet to not suitable for work, so gawk at your own risk.

Spy on the latest entries from the home page or go inside to categories represented by these Photobomb tags and a few more: animals, awesomeness, awkward, bikini, boobs, butt, caught in the act, celebrity, creepy, cute, eww, funny, kids, lol, moon, nekkid, news, perfect timing, silly, wedding, wtf, zombie.

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