Friday, April 16, 2010


Funny Site of the Day -- This Webby Award nominee for humor promises "life and pop culture graphed for your inner geek."

I wasn't aware my inner geek desired graphs. He's usually hungering for pie--

Oh. My bad. He's hungering for pie charts. I see. I see. I should make time to become better acquainted with my inner geek. Key lime, fellow?

He said, "Yes, Jabba, and some multi-colored Sharpie pens and poster boards." We're going to make visual aids!

GraphJam's content is user submitted, which results in the quality of the comedy material fluctuating from one entry to the next. Perseverance delivers winners, so be patient.

Consider making a graph during your visit. Chart builder tools are provided on site. Enjoy the field trip.

What I Learned

Venn diagrams are knuckleheads!

Grasp: GraphJam