Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Things My Date Really Said Last Night

Funny Site of the Day -- All of the shared quotations from the road to romance are supposedly true. You'll have to be judge, while scrolling through this quick-read blog, heavily dependent on contributors.

A sampling of the love:

  • “Your legs sorta remind me of Jell-o… Can I touch them? Ya know, to see if they jiggle?"
  • “I’ve never seen an elf.”
  • “I really have to go work on my robot.”
  • “No, you have very stout shoulders! It would be bad if you grew a demon horn.”
  • “I haven’t slept with anyone since my girlfriend dumped me. My friends basically forced me to go out with you. No offense!”
  • “I brought my own salt.”

As you might expect, some of the content is explicit, crass, and not suitable for work -- and, probably, dating.

Well [long, awkward pause], good night.

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