Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fake AP Stylebook

Funny Site of the Day -- Way back, when I was in Journalism school, during those antiquated days where we were taught to be adamantly objective in our reporting-- Oh! How dear and quaint we were in ye olde-fashioned times!

Anyway, we were also taught style. Proper journalism style includes chain-smoking cigarettes, swigging gin, and following the rules of grammar as depicted in either the UPI or AP Stylebooks. I've consulted both over the years, but they cost money and gin ain't cheap.

Thanks to the Fake AP Stylebook, hosted by Twitter, a steady flow of the dictates, which do change in contemporary circumstances, are presented for free. Ta ta, Associated Press.

Readers do not have to be active Twitter followers to access the instructional material, but I find it helpful to have those valuable tweets sent directly to me. My writing has improved exponentially with the Fake AP's tips and guidance, such as:

  • The word "asshat" is vulgar and should be avoided. Use "butt bonnet."

  • Gary Coleman doing something crazy is not news. That's just a Tuesday.

  • "Weather Bureau" is no longer in use. Instead, use "National Weather Service" or "Those Freakin' Liars."

  • Be sure not to confuse "aural" and "oral." The former is very uncomfortable.

  • You know what? F**k it, just add "'s" to everything.

Some material contains explicit language, but you want to learn, don't you?

Study: Fake AP Stylebook (@FakeAPStylebook) on Twitter

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