Saturday, May 1, 2010

'Seinfeld' Movie Trailer: 'George'

Funny Site of the Day -- Here's one of those TV sitcom coincidences occurring in real life. I featured "Daily Seinfeld" less than 24 hours ago and now this new "Seinfeld" movie trailer has splashed itself across my monitor.

And it's just not right. Comic schlub George Costanza's life has been recut into a fuzzy, Hollywood drama.

--*Gasp!* "George" might even be a chick flick!

Add schmaltzy music to cleverly reedited "Seinfeld" footage with Jason Alexander and Heidi Swedberg as Susan, and you have an emo weepfest.

Add a red nose and it might even be "Patch Adams 2!"

Nahhh, but we can scream, cant we?

"'Seinfeld' Trailer: 'George' RE-CUT" via YouTube